Single-family homes and condos hit highest ever median sale price in Massachusetts

Massachusetts statewide median price for a single-family home was $372,000 This real estate market is on fire.  Prices have steadily been increasing, rates have been decreasing.  Whether you are looking to buy or sell, there is a great opportunity out there for you. The Warren Group collects and compiles data on real estate sales and […]

How to Host the Ultimate Garage Sale!

  How to Host the Ultimate Garage Sale Whether you’re getting ready to sell or you just want to purge your home of unneeded items, here are some useful tips to prepare for and How to Host the Ultimate Garage Sale Be brutal when deciding what to sell! The rule goes if you haven’t worn it or […]

Eleven Real Estate Terms You Should Know Before Buying or Selling

Eleven Real Estate Terms You Should Know Before Buying or Selling If you’re new to the world of real estate, it can be a daunting endeavor and, in some cases, it may sound like your agent is speaking a completely different language. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, here is a list of […]

Falling in Love with Two Houses – What’s a Buyer To Do?

You’ve made the decision to buy a home and you’ve committed to research and view homes with your buyers agent. You’ve done all your due diligence, gotten your pre-approval and through all the ups and down, you finally find the home you love…but then you find another! If you are lucky enough to find two […]

How do real estate agents get paid and how much do they really make?

With the new year just around the corner, a lot of people are starting to think about moving.  Are you currently renting a home and looking to buy your first home?  Do you want to sell your starter home and move into a bigger place?  How about those of you who have so much unused […]

How to buy a home – Step 11 – The Final Walk through

Step 11 – The Final Walk through Once all the inspections and approvals are in you will get a “Cleared to Close” announcement from your lender. At this point your agent will book your final walk through as close to the time of closing as possible. The purpose of the final walk through is to […]

How to buy a home – Steps 8 & 9 Removing Contingencies

After negotiations and accepting offers it is now time to work on those contingencies you listed in the offer. A. Removing Contingencies – Home inspections and research period. Once your offer is accepted you will move through removing your contingencies. There are many types of contingencies that can be written in to an offer. Your agent […]

SOLD!!! 78 Central Tree Rd, Rutland | $162,000 | Sold By The Pro’s Real Estate Team 508-232-7926

Looking to Sell a House in Rutland MA or the surrounding towns? Call 508-232-7926 or use our 15 second home value estimator Worcester County Houses For Sale: The homes shown above are exclusive listings offered by The Pro’s Real Estate Team at Keller Williams Greater Worcester. This property is now SOLD!!! Not to worry, here are more homes for […]