Pre-qualified vs pre-approved – What you should know

Pre-qualified vs pre-approved – whats the difference? There is clearly a difference between getting pre-qualified vs pre-approved for a mortgage. One area that home buyers typically run into problems is not knowing the difference between being qualified for a mortgage and being approved for one. Even if you believe you are pre-qualified for a mortgage, it […]

How to buy a home – Steps 8 & 9 Removing Contingencies

After negotiations and accepting offers it is now time to work on those contingencies you listed in the offer. A. Removing Contingencies – Home inspections and research period. Once your offer is accepted you will move through removing your contingencies. There are many types of contingencies that can be written in to an offer. Your agent […]

How to Buy a Home – Step 7

In our previous step on how to buy a home, we discussed Making an Offer.  In this post we will discuss what happens after you make an offer – Negotiations, Multiple Offers, escalation clauses and waivers Once the offer is presented to the listing agent the seller has several choices, they can sign your offer […]