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Learn what it takes to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar.  This is a step by step process from thinking about selling to prepping, listing, showing, and closing the sale.  This is a very informative 2 hour seminar that will answer all your questions.  Every participant will receive a FREE 80 page book – The Complete Guide to Selling Your Home

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The Pro’s Real Estate Team offers an exclusive campaign for sellers who are looking to get maximum exposure on their home but may not quite be ready to start showing it.  Learn more about this program and how it can help you get your home sold for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time

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Our Preferred Vendor Partners are a select group that we engage every day, and they’re available to help our clients with anything they need done in, on, and around your home as well as local businesses that you can use and trust.

What is my home worth? – Location

How does the location of your home affect the homes value?

What is my home worth? – Condition

How does the condition of your home affect the homes value?

What is home staging and is it important?

Learn a little more about what it means to stage a home and why that is important for you in order to get the most out of the sale

First time home seller mistakes

Are you a first time home seller?  Read about these common mistakes that we see happen all the time.  Learn what NOT to do when selling a home

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Mistakes

So you are thinking that you want to sell your home on your own.  Learn about some things that you want to avoid when attempting to sell on your own.

How does the new TILA-RESPA Affect You as a Seller?

Have you heard of the new TRID guidelines that came out at the end of 2015?  These affect the buyer and the lender more than the seller, however you will want to learn what this means in regards to your sale

10 Ways to Make Your Home Irresistible at an Open House

Are you planning on having an open house?  In preparation for your big event, here are 10 ways to make your home irresistible at an open house.

47 Suggestions and Ideas to Make Your Home Sell Faster!  

When selling a home, it is important to have the house show its best.  Remember, a first impression is a lasting impression and we want to make sure the house shows its best from the get go

Important Moving Tips when Selling a Home

You are just about ready to close on your house.  What are some important moving tips that you should know?