Coming Soon Campaign

coming soon campaign

Coming Soon – Exclusively with The Pro’s Real Estate Team

Thinking about selling but not quite ready?  Want to get people interested in your home but don’t want to start showing it yet?  Do you want to build up some excitement before actually listing the house for sale?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to take advantage of our Coming Soon Campaign!

Have you been to the movie theater where they run “coming this summer” ads for movies?  These ads get you excited about movies that you have to see when they come out.  This is the same idea we are creating with our campaign.

This program is offered exclusively to our clients who are interested in a different kind of marketing.  With this program, you do not have to do anything for this to work and you don’t even have to have your home ready to be shown, unless you are willing to.  We will do everything behind the scenes leading up to your actual list date.  We are going to start the listing marketing on your home to generate maximum exposure.  Your home will be exclusively listed with us and advertised on over 350+ online sites including many popular social media platforms.  The Pro’s Real Estate Team will be the direct contact to answer any questions and pre-qualify any potential buyers who may be interested in your home.  You will not receive any phone calls or inquiries at all.  The marketing that we will perform will create a local buzz and could potentially generate multiple serious buyers who will be excited for the home to be available for purchase.  We will not have the home listed on the actual Multiple Listing Service until our actual pre-determined listing date comes.  On that day, we will activate the MLS listing and then notify all the real estate agents who have potential clients for your home.  Once it is listed on MLS, we can set up showing instructions and begin scheduling showings.  By setting up an initial Coming Soon marketing campaign, this makes an impact in areas where there are buyers looking for a home like yours – especially when there isn’t much inventory.  There are buyers that are willing to wait for the right deal and by “planting the seed” this generates multiple calls, emails, and inquiries.  Let’s get your home listed as “Coming Soon” and get it in front of these buyers before they find something else.

Here are some of the techniques we will use

  • We will take some exterior photos of the house (if your home has some attractive features, we will get some interior photos as well) – these photos don’t need to be perfect, as long as they are good enough to accentuate some of your homes features and amenities.
  • We will put a highly visible yard sign with a “coming soon” sign rider so people driving by will know that it will be available in the future.  Will will have a large phone number for people to call.  This is important because it allows us the ability to build a list of potential clients who call so we can follow up with them again when the house is ready to go live on the market
  • We will install an info box on the sign and fill it with listing flyers that have photos and information about the home as well as our contact information so we can have the opportunity to speak directly with them about the details of your home.
  • We have a marketing department that has a system in place to keep track of all the people who call, email, and inquire about your home.  This gives us easy access to reach out to the people who were specifically interested in your home.
  • We will advertise your home on our double-sided listing sheets that we have at all of our listings.  This is a great tool because it will cross market your house at our other listings.  In some cases, someone who looks at one of our other listings will pick up the flyer and see another house that they may be interested in instead – this may actually be your house!
  • If there is a decent amount of pre-listing interest, we may suggest a private open house to only the group of people who had initially expressed interest in the house.  This private, invitational only open house will be held for approximately 30-45 minutes just before we list it publicly on the Multiple Listing Service.  This will essentially create a sense of urgency and in some cases generates multiple offers
  • We will advertise your home on our Facebook Business Page and either “boost” the post or create a targeted ad to people who would likely be interested in the home.  This technique alone creates a lot of visibility and exposure by putting in front of the right people.  For example, if you have a 2-3 bedroom, 1 bath, 1000 square foot home this would likely be a first time home buyer or retired couple who would be interested in it.  We will target specific buyers from 21-28 years old who are single/married with maybe 1 child and buyers from 55+ years.  We will make sure these ads show up in their news feeds and entice them to click on the ad for more info.


  • We will create an album and title it “Your property address | Coming Soon……Sneak Peek Here”  When we create the album there will be a section that says “say something about this album” beneath the title.  In this section we will put a call to action and a text code to capture potential buyers contact info.  This code will say “text 32501 to 825566 for complete details and full property description of this home” and this will automatically capture cell phone numbers of potential buyers looking for more info
  • Facebook will track how many people our post reached, how many clicked on the pictures, how many new likes and shares – all this info we would be happy to share with you

Here are a few of our Coming Soon Listings.  Be sure to check back as this list changes frequently