First Time Home Buyer Seminars

home-buyer-seminarI have done large first time home buying seminars in the past.  I currently find that doing these one on one is more beneficial and time saving for everyone involved. Some of the seminars I was invited to speak at for banks and lenders were more like a soft sales pitch of service providers than actual helpful information on getting the ball rolling and getting started in the home buying process.

What I plan to do is sit down with a customer in our professional office for about an hour. We go over the step by step process, your current financials and where they need to be and the timeline of the home buying process. We answer any and all your questions in full confidentiality.  And we can even look at current homes that are listed on the market in specific price points to give you an idea of the goal you would be aiming for.

If this sounds like something you were looking for when you searched the web for home buying seminar, let us know what time works best for you and we can schedule a meeting.

There is no obligation to buy a home or to sign a contract. And no cost or fees to meet with us.

We hope that you will be happy with all the information we have to share with you and will choose to utilize our real estate services when you do decide to make the move.

In most cases our clients get started right away but other times we have worked with buyers who are not ready for a year – sometimes two or more. We are here to guide you no matter the timeframe. We will keep in touch while you save up for your down payment and get your ducks in row for the big day!

 We are currently blocking appointments here at – 5 Neponset St in The heart of Worcester-  for Monday and Wednesday Evenings &  Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. We can schedule a custom time and day with enough notice. Please click here to set up your first time home buyer consultation or just call The Pro’s 508-232-7926 follow the prompts for BUYERS!



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