How to buy a home – Step 10 – Title Search

Title search is the next step once all your contingencies are cleared.  Your attorney will handle this.

how-to-buy-a-home-step-10Throughout this process your agent would have recommended you hire an attorney. This is an important step as this attorney is going to represent your best interests and make sure they read all that fine print in the hundreds of pages of documentation you will be required to sign. They are also going to work along side a title company to research the properties history and make sure there is no issue with the title search. They will also order a tape survey;  The most inexpensive of surveys. If you are thinking you may put up a fence or add a shed or put in a swimming pool, you may want to request a more conclusive survey- such as a flag or stake survey. They are more costly but you will have to do it anyway so save yourself some money and get it done now.

All legal questions should be directed toward your real estate attorney. Your agent is not an attorney and they should not be answering legal questions. When choosing your attorney, again your agent probably knows the best in the business. They probably also have communicative relationships with certain attorneys so ask your trusty agent for a few referrals. If you do decide to choose your own, avoid family attorneys and litigation attorneys. Though they may be a friend and have the legal capacity to represent you their specialties lay elsewhere. Having an attorney who specializes in real estate is key for keeping your deposits safe and keeping you on track for closing dates.

Once contingencies are cleared, loan is approved, and title search is complete, and closing is scheduled, we will do the final walkthrough



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