My contract expired and my house didn’t sell, now what?

My contract expired and my house didn't sell, now what?

My Contract Has Just Expired From The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and My House Didn’t Sell

How do I get all these real estate agents to stop calling me now that my contract expired with my last agent?

I know how frustrating it must be for you thinking of all the reasons, why my house didn’t sell. Having waited day after day for an offer to come in on your property and … Nothing happened….

Now that your contract has expired with your real estate agent, your phone is ringing off the hook with other agents asking

“Are you still looking to get the home sold?”

and your only thought is

“sure, you are calling me now that my house didn’t sell but where were you when it was on the market all those days?”

I understand your frustration completely. That is why I completely despise having to make those calls even though I still make them.

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Here are 9 reasons you should take a moment and talk to the real estate agent who is calling you:

  1. You had a desire to sell your home and for whatever reason it didn’t sell. The agent calling you may have the answer. It may not be what you were hoping to hear but it may be the honest truth your last agent wasn’t brave enough to tell you.
  2. Only Top Producing real estate professionals time block phone calls like this. The Pro’s in this industry pay good money for systems that can find information, such as your phone number, so they can reach out to you. They typically sell more real estate in a given area then other agents and for more money.
  3. It’s not an easy call to make, so you can bet your bottom dollar that an agent who has the guts to pick up the phone and call you when they know your already frustrated and possibly angry- is the same kind of agent who will be direct and honest about how to get your home sold quickly.
  4. We don’t mind competition. We know other agents are calling and we don’t mind being interviewed. We also don’t mind competitive markets. We are the strongest agents you will get a chance to talk to.
  5. The top producing agents in the market have more  buyers they are working with than any other agents making it easier to find you a buyer for your home because we are also making calls to findMy contract expired and my house didn't sell, now what? buyers as well.
  6. We are just doing a part of our job and what 90% of people don’t realize is this is the way you sustain a business in this industry. Did you know only 5% of people who get licensed in Real estate actually make a lucrative career out of it. As a Market Center instructor for Keller Williams Realty, I can tell you it’s because most people get licensed before they realize they have to make uncomfortable phone calls to frustrated sellers.  They think if it looks easy on HGTV, it must be easy, right?
  7. The best way to get other agents to stop calling is to relist the house with an agent who can show you another approach to getting your home sold. You may have hired one of the top agents in your area and they still didn’t get the job done. That’s ok, another agent may see something the first one could not. Don’t give up hope on all of us. We all take a slightly different approach to selling homes.
  8. We are humans, with feelings- not robots and not snake oil salesmen. Every day I put on my pants one leg at a time- just like you. I get to the office and do what I have to do to feed and clothe my children, pay my bills and take care of business. I understand you’re frustrated, you don’t have to talk to me but at least be nice. Sometimes angry homeowners can ruin my day with just a few mean words. I’m not made of steel and I am a good trustworthy person. A hardworking one at that. Hence, the reason I’m on the end of the phone after your contract expired with your last agent.
  9. The last reason you should talk to us when we call: Because it would be a lonely world if we didn’t have someone to talk to. Take a minute and chat with me. Even if it is just to say “We have given up.” Maybe if you let me know why, I can help you. Maybe not. But it can’t hurt to talk about it.
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