How to sell your home in 10 days

sell a home in 10 daysDo you want to know the big secret on how to sell your home in 10 days….. well here it is…..  You CAN’T!!!!

Now that is not to say you we couldn’t find you a buyer in 10 days and get a signed and agreeable contract executed- but SOLD, nope! I’m not going to pretend there is some real estate magic that could make that happen. I suppose if all the stars aligned and a cash buyer came in with no contingencies; such as inspection or title search and just asked to close with a 9 day period and you were totally ready to get out in 9 days- then I’d tell you that buyer is stealing your property from you. And if you don’t mind the buyer getting such a phenomenal deal on your home then go for it.
Now if the real question was how do we get you’re an acceptable offer on your home in ten days- well that I can answer with a straight face and all joking aside:

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  • You absolutely MUST price the home correctly and slightly aggressive based on current active homes on the market. Not so aggressive that a cash buyer tries to steal it though.
  • You must pack- you are moving out right? Packing is your first step to staging.
  • You must stage the home so it looks like a page out of better homes and gardens magazine. OK, you at least need to clean and straighten up – declutter and de-personalize at minimum.
  • You must hire a Real estate professional Like The Pro’s Real Estate Team, to market the home aggressively. See our coming soon campaign
  • You must have a plan, a moving strategy. Most homeowners do not expect to sell their home in 10 days and this can leave them at a loss when it comes to finding a new place to live so quickly.

Understand that getting the property under contract within the first 10 days is only one part of a multi part process of selling a home. If the buyer is financing, which 88% of all buyers do, there is a 45-60 day process to get a loan. Gone are the days of a 30-day closing.

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If it happens to be a cash buyer, they will most likely prefer to inspect the home and make sure their attorney has done a proper title exam and land survey to protect the cash investment they are about to make. Be wary of “We buy homes CASH” or “Quick Close” gimmicks. Real Estate transactions are a process.

If you are considering selling your house in the future, then getting started on that process as soon as possible is recommended. I speak to many people in January who were hoping to sell in the spring and ask me to call back in a couple months. You should be hiring your real estate agent several months before you intend to list so they can guide and advise you on appropriate renovations, small and large repairs and maintenance that should be performed and get you started on a list of items to pack or put in storage for the sale. Don’t wait to hire a Realtor.
Just Call The Pros today if you have any intention on selling your home this year, so we can get you started on the steps to a realistic and smooth sale.

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