6 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your House During the Holidays

6 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your House During the Holidays

sell your house during the holidays
It is a misconception that spring is the best time to sell your house. Most people tend to list their home for sale in the spring but the reasons are not always because they can get the highest price or sell it the fastest. Selling your home during the holiday is a Jolly Idea!  Here are 6 reasons why you should sell your house during the holidays.


1. There are still buyers looking for homes. These are the kind of buyers that a seller will want viewing their home. They have a need to buy, they are qualified, and motivated enough to take time out of the holiday shopping and gatherings to come see your house. This is not a hobby or an idea for these buyers. They are ready and want in before the snow gets too deep.



2. Inventory is low. Most home owners think winter is not the best time to buy or sell, because they have been misinformed, they remove their listing or hold off listing until spring. As you know the economic laws of supply and demand- lower the supply with continued demand = higher value for the product.


3. Staging can be beefed up with holiday decor. Nothing looks more warm & inviting as a home decorated for Christmas or Hanukkah. Just don’t over do it. Keep to the traditional staging rules of flow and depersonalizing while making the home sparkle with lights and candles.



4. Once the holidays end, all buyers will be back in full force (even the not so motivated) and most new listing won’t hit the market until March or April. Inventory will still be low, giving you the seller an advantage.


5. Rates are still low and gradually increasing for 2016. Buyers know this change is coming making them even more motivated to find a new home asap.


6. The real estate industry is still open for business. It does slow down a bit so we are able to get things done more quickly. Home inspectors, appraisers, sub-contractors are still working and happy to help. Plus they can get your appointments in much sooner than the line you will have to wait in come the spring.


If after reading all the reasons why you should sell your house during the holiday / winter market, you still want to put your home on the market in the Spring – then right now is the best time to start getting the house prepped. The Pro’s Real Estate Team will work with you to make a list of things that should get done before listing the home for sale like staging tips and devising a marketing plan and strategy for your home. We will also market the home as a “Coming Soon” listing and give it more exposure than new listings will have come the busy and saturated spring market.


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