What a gorgeous day to do business outside at Val’s Restaurant in Holden MA

20150617_162535Val’s Restaurant in Holden MA is a great place to meet with clients for a casual home buyer’s consultation. I had an appointment set up with a buyer client today and I was looking forward to our discussion about the Worcester Multi-family sellers’ market madness we are in. But when I stepped outside and felt the warm sun on my skin I couldn’t get it out of my head that I needed to stay out there. So, I sent a quick message to my client asking if she cared to join me outside on Val’s patio instead. Val’s is a short trek to Holden from Worcester, yes, even in traffic. When I got there at 4:30 the dinner rush had not yet started. I was able to grab a seat at the outdoor patio right away. The hostess informed me that all the outdoor furniture was brand new, giant bright orange umbrellas and all. The waiter was quick with my drink, and allowed enough time for us to discuss our business without too much interruption but enough to be attentive.
What a gorgeous day to do business outside. Our meeting was planned for an hour but we were enjoying ourselves and a nice glass of wine (not to mention the potato skins) so we decided to chat for a little longer. It was quite an afternoon for the patio at Val’s. I have had lunch here with my team and family dinners with the kids. I will return again, especially for the sunshine on their patio.  

vals If talking real estate in the sunshine sounds like something you need to do, Just Call The Pro’s at 508-320-3279 to set up a consultation today. Or visit our website http://www.justcallthepros.com/ If you are looking to sell your house – we would be happy to come sit in the sunshine on your patio. http://sellingworcestercounty.com/

Val’s is located at 75 Reservoir St in Holden, MA  http://www.valsrestaurant.com/



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