Clean Your Closets Before Selling Your Home!

Clean Your Closets Before Selling Your Home!

Maybe you’re considering putting your home on the market? Maybe you already have and you’re anticipating your first showing?  Either way, you know that putting your best foot forward with your home is a must in order to make sure you get top dollar.  One thing that goes a long way is if you clean your closets. clean your closets

If you haven’t hired a trusted real estate agent to help give you advice on how to stage your home, that should be your first step in your move you clear the clutter. But, don’t stop with clean and de-cluttered countertops. Make sure your closets are looking their best too!

60% of potential buyers say that closets are an important factor in choosing a home so you can bet they will be opening doors to sneak a peek.

Everything from kitchen pantries, linen and bathroom closets, to your master bedroom closets will be inspected by buyers searching for the right home.  If you have anything you would rather they not see, make sure to move those items to storage. And while most people are honest, you should always make sure your valuables are in a secured space.

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Do you have to remove all your clothes and shoes? No, of course not. But, an overstuffed and messy closet regardless of its size gives the impression that there is not enough space and homebuyers want space. So, keep clothing closets sparse and shoes lined up or in a shoe organizer. Keep bathroom closets neat and tidy and linens folded and neat.

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So, do yourself a favor, take this opportunity to get organized and clear your closets and donate any items you can to local charities. Not only will clearing your closet clutter help show your home in the best possible light, but as a result, you will have less stuff to pack and move when your houses does sell.





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