Five Important Winter Maintenance Tips for your Home

Five Important Winter Maintenance Tips for your Home Though we may not want to admit it, its hard not to notice that the temps have started to fall and that the winter here in New England is on its way. Whether or not we get record setting snow and temperatures this year, homeowners should ALWAYS […]

25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family – Show Schedule

25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family I’m sure you have figured out from all my recent posts that I LOVE Christmas time.  I love the lights, and the festivities and of course the Christmas movies and shows.  Some of my favorites are the Elf and A Christmas Vacation.  We try and watch as many […]

Pre-qualified vs pre-approved – What you should know

Pre-qualified vs pre-approved – whats the difference? There is clearly a difference between getting pre-qualified vs pre-approved for a mortgage. One area that home buyers typically run into problems is not knowing the difference between being qualified for a mortgage and being approved for one. Even if you believe you are pre-qualified for a mortgage, it […]

Whats going on in Worcester County during the Holiday season

Whats going on in Worcester County during the Holiday season By Debbie Huard As New England’s second largest city, Worcester is well known for its hospitals, its colleges, and its hills (seven to be exact). And just like any city, it’s bursting with places to eat, shop and take in some entertainment. During the holiday season, […]

How to Find Local Black Friday Deals

How to Find Local Black Friday Deals   Are you curious on how to find local Black Friday Deals?  With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away, the inevitable and official beginning on the holiday shopping season is upon on us. There is something to say for those who search the circular ads and systematically […]

Best Christmas Light Displays to check out this year

Best Christmas Light Displays to check out this year     **** PLEASE NOTE: It’s still a little early and not all homes have been fully lit yet. As we drive around and hear from you, about other Christmas light displays we will update this list as we go. Make sure to Bookmark us! Scroll down to […]

Buying a Haunted House

  With Halloween right around the corner we see lots of stuff popping up about haunted houses. Woooo, scary right? Well only if you believe in those sort of supernatural things. What’s the deal with selling or buying a haunted house you ask? Religious or spiritual beliefs such as the belief in ghosts are subjective; meaning […]


What is a a MVVBP?  It stands for Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs, and Prospective. Our Mission: To Educate Each and Every One of Our Clients, To Create Opportunities for Customers, Clients, Colleagues, Co-Brokers and Our Team Members, and To Arrive at Solutions for Each Problem we Come Across Our Vision: To create a problem solving […]

To Shave or not to Shave … My head

Written by:  Kelly Provost – The Pro’s Real Estate Team – 508-320-3279 As most of you know my real estate logo is the branding for my team: The Pro’s Real Estate Team. If you are aware of who we are you know that this name was a witty spin of our last name: Provost. The […]