Real Estate Team vs an Individual agent

Real Estate Team vs an Individual agentReal Estate Team vs an Individual agent

I’m sure you have been noticing the increase in Real Estate Teams in our market and for good reason. The big questions is, what is the difference between a real estate team vs an individual agent.  Let me explain. A successful and highly referred individual real estate agent can only handle up to a certain amount of business on their own until they hit a ceiling or worse – a burnout. The best agents in the business have a desire to help everyone who calls upon them for their real estate needs.

Some successful agents will work as a team without expressing it in a logo or making it public knowledge. They may hire an assistant to do paperwork or hire a newer agent to cover some showings but no one succeeds alone.

When it comes to publicly marketed Real Estate teams, like The Pro’s Real Estate Team, we are proud to give credit where credit is due. On a real estate team, each individual agent works on specific tasks they are great at and they focus on getting even better at the one job. For example; I am the listing specialist, I work with sellers to determine a price that will make the home sell, I help get the property ready for the market, and I answer any questions pertaining to hiring our team for the job. My marketing department handles all of and only the marketing. This allows them the ability to properly market a home without feeling rushed or making mistakes. If I was in the middle of a marketing campaign and had to run out to several appointments I might forget something important. Our buyer specialists work solely with helping buyers find the right home that fits their needs. There is no need to rush them as they do not work with complex listing marketing or having to go on appointments with sellers. They spend their days sorting through property, running market analysis to determine if homes are price right for their buyers and showing homes that work.

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We find buyer agents are people who like to work with people however they are not always the most detail and organized of the group. They are great at listening and analyzing needs but not so much filing documents. Our team has a specialized Administrative department that prefers keeping things tidy around the office, watching contract dates like hawks, and protecting our client’s assets through coordination of all the steps both buyers and sellers have to go through in the real estate transaction.

Working with a team, you know you are in good hands, because there is a specialist in every aspect of your journey. Buying and selling real estate is a journey for sure.

I look back on my individual agent days and wonder how I ever got along without my team.

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When interviewing a real estate professional whether on a team or an individual make sure you ask for specific track records of past sales, their role on the team, the number of people employed by the team, the breakdown of the team structure and who you will actually be working with along the way. Don’t let an individual agent tell you not to work with a team because you will get lost in the shuffle- from my own experience as a team owner and a busy successful individual agent- the team is well oiled machine that functions at much higher level of business than anyone ever could handle alone. It’s easy, Just Call the Pros.

If you happen to be a real estate professional reading this and you’re wondering how you can get the help you may need to avoid success burnout or you want to know how to find a role where you can specialize on a pre-existing team, you too can Just Call The Pros. We are growing with every new and happy client we serve.

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