How to buy a home – The Process

How to buy a home

home buying stepsBuying a new home can be an exciting thing but its not as easy as it is portrayed on HGTV.  We are a full service real estate team working with buyers and sellers and we take the time to meet and have a consultation with each client so they fully understand the home buying steps.  In this series we will outline the steps to buying home to help you better understand how this works.  Contact us today to schedule a private one on one consultation.

Step 1. Find a professional real estate agent

After you have decided you want to start the process, the first thing you should do is find a professional Real Estate Agent you can Trust (preferably a REALTOR® rather than just a Real Estate Agent) (Preferably US – The Pros Real estate team)

Why is this so important? – see following 12 steps in this series.   Every real estate transaction is a unique and beautiful thing to a real estate agent. To a buyer, especially a first time buyer, it can be a stressful, overwhelming experience that just might make you run for a rental. With the right guidance your home purchase can go smooth and you can feel assured that you and your money is protected. You will feel as though you can make an educated decision based on a non-bias parties opinion of your needs vs the condition, location and valuation instead of emotion.

Most Buyers these days get to choose who they want to represent them. This means there is a sole agent looking out for your best interests. Agency describes the direction in which loyalty is given. A listing agent represents the best interest of the seller.  If you go unrepresented directly to the listing agent, keep in mind that agent is being paid by the seller to get them the highest price possible for that home and to protect the interests of their client. Some buyers think that if they go directly to a listing agent they can buy the house for a better price. This is not always true. The listing agent typically signs a contract that pays the agent a full commission they would otherwise split with a buyer agent. If there is no buyer agent, the listing agent is still paid the full commission. Going directly to the list agent does not save the seller any money on the net sales price. Yet you have no representation so you are now negotiating the sales price on your own behalf against an agent who negotiates for a living.

It cost nothing to consult with a buyer agent. Meet with one and see how you feel about this agent. Will you get along? Do you trust them to do a great job? What is their sales history? Do they have enough time to get you into property on your schedule? Are they full time agents or do they do this in their spare time?  Are they educating you on the process or trying to sell you a product? Look for someone who is a consultant and adviser- someone who will guide you. It’s great to have an agent with a sales background too, as they will be negotiating on your behalf. You just may want to avoid having to negotiate with them. You don’t want someone so aggressive they don’t give you time to compare homes and make an educated decision but you also don’t want someone so laid back your shopping for a home for years. You are hiring this person – so interview them. Once you feel confident, sign the contract.

Continue to Step 2.  Analyze your needs

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