To Shave or not to Shave … My head

Written by:  Kelly Provost – The Pro’s Real Estate Team – 508-320-3279

As most of you know my real estate logo is the branding for my team: The Pro’s Real Estate Team. If you are aware of who we are you know that this name was a witty spin of our last name: Provost. The witty part is that Pro stands for so many other attributes we bring to the table in our careers. Proficient, productive, proactive, producers, protagonists, prominent and the list could go on and on. If you didn’t know my last name and you saw our logo you might lean towards the assumption it stood for Professional. If you did, well then you would be correct and I have done my job well. My intention with branding and our logo creation was first decided immediately following our choice of who we wanted everyone to know that we were. There was one outstanding term we knew it had to be: Professionals!!!

This brings me to the topic of the day: What is a Professional in today’s modern day society?

I hear people say things such as “That’s just not professional.” “He is a professional in his field” “What a professional looking ______”

A professional by definition is (n) a person engaged or qualified in a profession (a) (of a person) engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as a pastime

Of course we all have our own idea of what a professional is in our own mind. How one must act, how one must dress, speak, carry them self, etc.
Let me ask you this: Is your image of a professional Brain surgeon much different from that of a professional tattoo artist?
What if this stereotype of a professional tattoo artist was sitting there as you arrived for your first visit with the professional surgeon or vice versa, how would you feel? Would it matter if your surgeon was covered in tattoos? I mean if my brain surgeon had a tattoo of a skull on his hand I could totally find the humor in that, couldn’t you?

I think in today’s modern society these stereo types are beginning to fade, there is less of an expectation of what I expect to see on the outside and rather what they have to offer on the inside. Intelligence trumps business suits, ability to communicate trumps the color or cut of someone’s hair (I mean even if it’s purple). I mean even the college or university in which you obtained your degree matters less than experience and success rate. (Just for the record: My Bachelor of Science degree in the study of Psychology was obtained from Worcester State University and I make no less money than those with more expensive educations in my field of Real Estate)

This whole discussion comes about as I ponder the next move on my hair style. I have always been so cautious not to go “too crazy”, I must maintain my professionalism- you know? It occurs to me that my platinum blonde dreams are dying with split ends as I pour myself in to the passion of my real estate career. Spending 4 hour a month in the stylist’s chair to obtain such a bright white which only lasts a mere week or two before the truth in the evidence begins to appear at my roots! I had to ask my self- how I get back to natural.
I’ll shave it off! But is that professional of me?  Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johanson are professionals in their respected fields, they shaved their heads. My husband – he is a Pro, he shaves his head. What exactly am I questioning? Not whether I will continue to do my job at the highest level possibly but instead I’m worried about the perception of others. I worry about the stereotypes that will be cast on me. How many people will choose to list their home with the suit wearing,
long haired women driving the expensive luxury car and carrying a designer brand briefcase? Oh the drama!


I have spent too much time worrying about the perception of others. My generation and the generations who will precede mine are the change in the world. The breaking down of such silly barriers has already begun and people can begin to wear their true colors and be proud.

Authenticity is one thing I think you should get with a true professional. Not only do you find that a true professional will bring experience, communication, integrity and passion for their business and their career to the table but they will also bring this authenticity of self.
No, there is nothing worse than finding out you’ve been dealing with a fake, a poser until after the contract has been signed.


Will I shave my head? I don’t know. I’ll be sure to share a photo if I do. But what I can tell you is that I will always bring my true self to table regardless of who is sitting on the other side.

As A PRO- I vow to always be myself, to always work hard, always do what is right, even when no one is looking, always do what I say I will do, never stop learning and I will never stop speaking the truth.

If you are looking for these qualities when hiring a professional and you have Worcester County real estate needs: be it buying your first home, selling your tenth house, or investing in a beautiful Worcester three-decker … I’m your girl! Just Call The Pros 508-320-3279



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