Should I upgrade my appliances?

Should I upgrade my appliances?  This is a question we hear all the time.
Should I upgrade my appliances?
Should I upgrade my appliances?

For whatever reason, the Presidents Day weekend in February has become THE time for appliance sales in the US.  Homeowners wait with anticipation to buy new washers, dryers, stoves and more in the hopes of grabbing a deal. So before that date is upon us (February 15th), lets answer the question – Should I upgrade my appliances and when.

First, you should determine WHY you are upgrading your appliances. Is this personal use, are you trying to become more energy efficient or are you planning on putting your house on the market and are hoping to maximize your sale. Different answers will determine what items you should purchase.

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For personal use, your biggest determination should be does the appliance work well? If your dishwasher is relatively new but your dishes just don’t get as clean and dried food remains even after you’ve run it, you might want to look into an upgrade to save you the time, energy and water of having to run the cycle twice.

If you’re trying save energy and electrical costs, do you your research. Not all appliances are created equal. For example, an older air conditioner may work great at keeping your house cool, but the cost to run it may not make sense. Energy Star rated air conditioners save an average of $25 – $85 a year on energy bills.

If you’re putting your home on the market and your goal is to entice a potential buyer, your return on investment should be the deciding factor. The hard part is some of this is based on perception and not on actual value of the appliances. For example, mis matched kitchen appliances are a turn off to some buyers, while sleek stainless steel usually says luxury, regardless of the actual price of the items you have put in. Before purchasing anything, it is best to have your local real estate professional do a comparison of your competition on the market. If your suggested size and price point wouldn’t offer you a good return on the upgrade, it’s not worth the money. Your real estate agent can also tell you what overall changes in your home might offer a greater return in your area and market segment.

So, before you get too excited by shiny new appliances and great sales numbers, take the time to research, get ready and talk to your local real estate professional, so you get the best bang for your buck.



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