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powersCustomer Service is an A+++!  Coming from a sales/customer service background, it’s very important to me how other businesses interact and treat their clients.  Not too often do you get an opportunity to meet a business owner who far exceeds your expectations.  I want to write to tell you that I am absolutely thrilled to have had the opportunity to do business with Paul Powers of Powers Repair in Worcester.  I was experiencing some problems with my vehicle and started to compile a list of items – with the schedule of busy Realtors® we have a tendency to wait until it’s absolutely necessary for us to have our vehicles fixed.  Once there was a noise under the hood that couldn’t be quieted by turning up the volume on the radio, I decided to give Powers Repair a call.  After a few rings, the phone was answered by Paul Powers, the owner himself.  I explained the issues that I had been experiencing and try to describe the noises as best as you can over the phone.  You can just imagine how this call sounded as I proceeded to “duplicate” some of these noises that sounded like eeeeeekkkkk, clackety clackety, vrrroooommmm, rattle rattle thump thump.  Needless to say, Paul asked a few other questions over the phone and determined that it didn’t seem too bad.  I told him that I have a very hectic and sporadic schedule and wanted to know when I could get it in to the shop.  Paul said he had a full calendar but regardless of that, had me drop the truck off the very next day.  Only issue I had was the next day was Friday and told Paul that I needed the truck for the weekend.

Finding the place was fairly easy as its located just about a mile off of Shrewsbury St in Holden.  The garage is located next door to Elliott Tree Service.  I pulled into the parking lot and found there to be plenty of parking in front and noticed that there is a large parking area on the side of the building.  I immediately noticed the different types of vehicles there including some pickup trucks, a few small sedans, a couple of SUV’s and even a massive tri-axle dump truck with a huge plow on it.

For me though, growing up in a garage myself and working on cars prior to my real estate career, I found it necessary to “scope” out the shop rather than just wait.  Paul agreed and showed me around.  The garage has the typical therapeutic aroma of diesel fuel, exhaust and a hint of grease – ahhh I love that smell!  Well anyway, inside the shop I saw that there were two large bays and one of them was a double long bay to accommodate larger vehicles. In one of those bays I saw a large box truck that was having new tires replaced and in front of that was an SUV that looked as if it had some custom suspension work done to it.  The other side of the shop had a truck on the lift and they were working under the hood and right in the middle of the shop was a motorcycle lift with an old antique motorcycle on it with another one right next to it.  Pretty cool to see the diversity of vehicles being worked on there.  Looking around the shop I noticed it was filled with all sorts of automotive equipment including new hydraulic lifts, digital tire balancing machines, engine cranes, jacks, and ample tools to get every job done.

After Paul showed me around, I gave him my “shopping list” of items that I wanted looked at and reminded him that I needed the truck back that day and if he had to order any parts, I would have to pick the truck up and drop it off again next week.  Paul assured me that he would be able to get the truck all squared away before the end of the day.  I handed him my keys, and then realized…………..wait! How do I get to the office now?…….Paul talked to another person in the shop and about 10 minutes later I had a ride to my office.

Around 3pm, I received a text message from Paul saying my truck was all set and ready to go!  I wasn’t sure if that meant that he had to get some parts next week or if it was all fixed.  I gave him a call and he took the time to explain to me all of my issues and what he did to resolve them.  Once he answered all my questions, he gave me my total and I headed down to get the truck.  When I got to the shop, Paul brought me into the shop and showed me the parts under my hood that had failed and explained again what caused them to fail.  Everything on my list was done and I was thrilled with the total cost!  I was concerned that the noises were going to be extremely expensive and had actually expected to pay a lot more than I did.  Needless to say, it was easy on my checkbook and my truck is perfect again.

I just have to say that there are still honest people out there that genuinely care about their job and their clients.  Paul Powers of Powers Repair is one of these people.  I can’t say enough about how thrilled I am and would absolutely continue to bring my truck to him.  I would highly recommend that you give Paul a call if you have any questions or need anything done on your vehicle.  His garage handles complete automotive services for both foreign and domestic vehicles and includes: Tune-ups, Tires, Brakes, Exhaust, Diagnostics, Batteries, Oil Changes, Engine Repairs, and even special modifications.  Paul can be reached at 508-509-8484.

According to me, Paul and Powers Repair have been officially titled my “Automotive Pro!”

Whether you need general repair, diagnostics, or major mechanical work they can handle it.  Fill out the form below and someone will contact you to schedule an appointment or call them directly at 508-509-8484



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